Rules and Divisions

Pailolo Challenge 2019 RACE RULES and Safety Management Policy for Distance Events

Canoes Used

  • Hawaiian Class OC-6 Canoe hull must weigh 400+ lbs. and may be constructed from any or all types of material to include fiberglass, foam, metal, wood, laminated koa, etc. Ama and iako may be fashioned from any type of material. No attachable fins, keels or other devices shall be allowed.)
  • Unlimited Class The canoe shall be a six-man, single hull canoe rigged with a single ama and double iako separated by at least one seat. It shall not exceed 45 feet in length. There shall be no mechanical devices or additional attachments for powering or steering. Fiberglass canoes must have positive buoyancy with flotation compartments only at the bow and stern of the canoe. No attachable fins, keels or other devices shall be allowed with the exception of venturis for drainage and/or mechanical bailers. There is no weight minimum.

Divisions (numbers in parenthesis indicate total teammates allowed for that division)

Hawaiian Class (400+ lbs)

  • IRON
    • MEN             Open (6)   |  40+ masters (6)
    • WOMEN    Open (6)   |   40+masters (6)
    • MIXED         Open (6 -at least 3 women)   |  40+ masters (6 -at least 3 women)
    • MEN            Jrs age 15-18 (12)   |    Open (9)   |    40+ (9)   |   50+ (12)   |   60+ (12)
    • WOMEN  Jrs age 15-18 (12)   |    Open (10)   |    40+ (10)   |   50+ (12)   |   60+ (12)
    • MIXED       Jrs age 15-18 (12 -at least 6 women)   |   Open (9-12 -at least 50% women)   |   40+ masters (9-12 -at least 50% women)

Unlimited Class

  • IRON
    • MEN             Open (6)   |  40+ masters (6)
    • WOMEN    Open (6)   |   40+masters (6)
    • MIXED         Open (6 -at least 3 women)   |  40+ masters (6 -at least 3 women)
    • MEN             Open (9)   |  40+ masters (9)
    • WOMEN    Open (10)   |   40+masters (10)
    • MIXED         Open (9-12 -at least 50% women)   |  40+ masters (9-12 -at least 50% women)

There are no age specifications for Open crews.
ALL paddlers in a crew must meet the age requirement for that division as of Race Day. (i.e., You are in the class by your age on Race Day).
Any racers under 18 years old must be pre-approved to participate by the Pailolo Race Committee.

Here is a handy Timeline of Race Week 2019.

CREW CHECK-IN DAY – Friday, September 13, 2019

  •  9:00am – 3:00pm – Pailolo LogoWear Sales at a DT Fleming Beach
  • 11:00am – 3:00pm – Crew Check-In (mandatory) at Maui Brewing Co Brew Pub in Kahana Gateway Plaza
  • 5:30pm – Coaches Meeting (mandatory) at DT Fleming Beach
    -Boat Stickers (boat# & postrace destination) & IRON Crew Safety Pack Pickup

RACE DAY – Saturday, September 14, 2019

  • 6:30am-7:30am -Boat Rigging & IRON crew luggage drop off
  • 7:30am -Coaches/Steersmen meeting, Final Race Briefing
  • 7:45am -Opening Ceremony & Pule (blessing)


  • 8:30am -All Women & Mixed  crews
  • 9:00am -All Men crews

There will be a 10 MINUTE PENALTY for not starting in your designated start time.
There will be a 20 MINUTE PENALTY added to crews’ final time to those OVER THE LINE at the Start.

Iron Crews

Safety: we require every Iron Crew to put a $100 refundable deposit down on a Safety Paddler Pack that will be carried in the canoe during the race. Pack includes a water proof radio, whistle, and other survival tools.  Packs will be picked up on 9/13, Friday 5:30p Coaches Meeting (with Canoe Number and post race destination shipping stickers) and must be returned to the Pailolo Race Director at the Molokai Yacht Club after the race.

Luggage: included in Iron Entry fees this year is transport of limited luggage/bags to Moloka’i.  We will only transport water proof bags and paddle bags. Limit of no more than two pieces per crew, for instance one waterproof/dry bag (20-liter max) and one paddle bag per crew.  Please drop off all luggage at the designated drop off area on the beach by 7:30am on race day.  Your luggage can be picked up at the post-race party at the Molokai Yacht Club, near the food tent.

Entry Fees

  • $600/canoe for relay crews

  • $700/canoe for iron crews

Online Registration is open and can be accessed at Pailolo Challenge Team Registration 2019.


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