Race Date: Saturday, September 14, 2019

Online Registration is open and can be accessed at Pailolo Challenge Team Registration 2019.

Get your crews and canoe’s ready for one of the gnarliest channels in the Hawaiian islands, and what is being called the worlds funnest canoe race. Why? We help take care of the logistics, while you get some great downwind training and experience in the most consistent channel… PAILOLO.

Thanks to our sponsors and supporters we also show you a good time, hotel discounts, big after party, and you don’t need to book a flight back, take the ferry!

Fun aside, we are honored to host this race and follow in the tradition of our ancestors. We hope you also have the opportunity to connect with the essence of the channel, the islands, the ocean and the people. You know, the name of the channel itself holds significance in it’s meaning, to raise and encourage expertise and skill. A perfect testing ground for the Ka’iwi.

We hope to see you here on Maui and we will do all we can to accommodate your needs during your stay and travels.